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LinkedIn Users Can Now Play Games While Searching for Jobs


LinkedIn, the renowned professional networking platform with over 1 billion users, is stepping into uncharted territory: gaming. In a move to enhance user engagement and encourage longer sessions on the platform, LinkedIn is developing a suite of puzzle-based games that will be integrated directly into the app.

The Puzzle Revolution

LinkedIn’s upcoming games promise to add a touch of fun to the otherwise serious world of job hunting and networking. Here are the three early efforts currently in the works:

  1. Queens: A brain-teaser that challenges players to strategize and conquer the chessboard.
  2. Inference: A game that tests deductive reasoning and lateral thinking.
  3. Crossclimb: A word puzzle adventure where climbing to the top means solving linguistic challenges.

How It Works

The concept behind these games is simple: as users engage with puzzles, they unlock moments of enjoyment, deepen relationships, and potentially spark conversations. Imagine taking a break from polishing your resume to solve a crossword or strategize a chess move. It’s a refreshing twist on the job-seeking experience.

The Competitive Edge

But LinkedIn isn’t stopping there. They’re experimenting with an intriguing feature: company rankings based on player scores. Imagine competing with colleagues from the same workplace, striving to be the top solver in your organization. It’s a playful way to foster camaraderie and friendly competition among professionals.

Microsoft’s Influence

As a Microsoft-owned platform, LinkedIn is tapping into the gaming expertise of its parent company. Microsoft’s gaming empire includes Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax. While the exact role of Microsoft in this LinkedIn gaming project remains undisclosed, it’s clear that the tech giant knows its way around gaming.

The Future of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been about adapting to the evolving needs of professionals. From networking tools to learning resources, the platform continually seeks ways to align with the world of work. Now, with gaming on the horizon, LinkedIn aims to keep users engaged, entertained, and perhaps even a little competitive.

Stay tuned for more updates as LinkedIn prepares to roll out its gaming experience. Whether you’re a job seeker, a seasoned professional, or a chess enthusiast, the LinkedIn app is about to become a whole lot more interesting!

Disclaimer: The images shared by the researcher are not the latest versions, but we eagerly await the official launch.

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