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Reliance and Disney India Join Forces: ₹70,352 Crore Media Giant Emerges

Reliance and Disney

In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape India’s media landscape, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)Viacom 18 Media, and The Walt Disney Company have announced a strategic joint venture. The merger will combine their digital streaming and television assets, creating a media powerhouse valued at an impressive ₹70,352 crore ($8.5 billion).

The Deal in a Nutshell

  • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)Viacom 18 Media, and The Walt Disney Company will merge Viacom18 and Star India to form a single entity called Star India Private Limited (SIPL).
  • RIL will invest ₹11,500 crores ($1.4 billion) into the joint venture to fuel its growth strategy.
  • The ownership structure will be as follows:
    • RIL: 16.34%
    • Viacom18: 46.82%
    • Disney: 36.84%
  • The joint venture will be a leading TV and digital streaming platform, catering to over 750 million viewers across India and the Indian diaspora worldwide.
  • It will hold exclusive rights to distribute Disney films and productions in India, along with access to more than 30,000 Disney content assets.

Key Implications of the Reliance and Disney Merger

  • Competitive Streaming War Heats Up: The new combined entity poses a formidable challenge to existing streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The expanded content catalog and technological resources will likely intensify the battle for Indian subscribers.
  • Increased Access to Sports Content: With Star’s strong sports portfolio and potentially more acquisitions, the merged entity will become a major player in live sports broadcasting, catering to India’s passionate sports fan base.
  • Focus on Original Content: The combined resources are expected to boost investment in high-quality, original Indian content across genres, catering to diverse regional audiences.
  • Potential Regulatory Scrutiny: While there’s optimism about the collaboration, industry experts point to potential regulatory hurdles given the significant market share the new media conglomerate will command.


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