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Taliban Executes Convicted Murderers in Ghazni Football Stadium


Ghazni, Afghanistan — In a chilling display of authority, the Taliban carried out a public execution of two men convicted of murder. The grim scene unfolded in a football stadium in eastern Afghanistan, witnessed by thousands of onlookers.

The Gruesome Event

The condemned men, Said Jamal and Gul Khan, met their fate in the heart of Ghazni city. Both were executed by multiple gunshots to the back, their lives extinguished as the crowd watched in silence. The execution followed the reading of a death warrant signed by Taliban Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada. The verdict came after a two-year trial in the country’s courts.

Families Present, No Reprieve

As the sun dipped below the horizon, families of the victims gathered in the stadium. Among them were women and children, their eyes fixed on the macabre spectacle. The Taliban authorities offered the families a chance to grant the condemned men a last-minute reprieve, but the victims’ kin declined. The option to carry out the execution themselves, in accordance with the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law, was also extended to the relatives. However, when they refused, members of the security forces stepped in and carried out the sentence.

Crimes and Investigation

Said Jamal and Gul Khan were found guilty of knife murders committed in September 2017 and January 2022, respectively. The Taliban’s Supreme Court conducted an extraordinary investigation into their cases, leading to the final verdict.

Taliban’s Return to Power

The Taliban administration in Kabul, which seized power in 2021, has not been officially recognized by any other government. Their strict implementation of Islamic law includes the principle of “eye for an eye” punishments known as “qisas”. Public executions, a grim reminder of the Taliban’s first rule from 1996 to 2001, have resurfaced under their current regime.

A Controversial Justice System

Afghanistan’s judicial system, a blend of Islamic and secular law, was painstakingly built under foreign-backed governments. However, corruption, bribery, and sluggish justice delivery plagued the system. Now, the Taliban’s return has brought back the specter of public executions, leaving the world to grapple with the harsh realities of their rule.

As the sun set over the football stadium, the echoes of gunshots lingered—a stark reminder of justice served, Taliban-style.

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