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Supreme Court Grants Bail to AAP MP Sanjay Singh in Liquor Policy Case

sanjay singh

In a significant development, the Supreme Court has granted bail to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh after he spent six months behind bars in connection with the Delhi excise policy scam case. The decision came after a prolonged legal battle and a plea filed by Mr. Singh challenging his arrest and remand in the money laundering case.

Background of Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh, a senior AAP MP, was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on October 4, 2023, as part of the ongoing money laundering probe related to the Delhi excise policy. The case revolved around allegations of irregularities and financial misconduct in the implementation of the liquor policy during the period of 2021-22.

Court Proceedings

The Supreme Court bench, comprising Justice Sanjiv KhannaJustice Dipankar Datta, and Justice P.B. Varale, heard Mr. Singh’s plea. During the proceedings, the court directed the Additional Solicitor General, S.V. Raju, representing the ED, to provide instructions on whether further custody of Mr. Singh was necessary. The court also noted that the AAP leader had already spent six months in jail.

ED’s Stand

The Enforcement Directorate informed the apex court that it had no objection to granting bail to Sanjay Singh. This stance marked a significant shift in the case, considering the agency’s earlier opposition to his release.

Sanjay Singh’s Defense

Before the high court, Sanjay Singh had sought bail on the grounds that he had been in custody for over three months, and no direct role had been attributed to him in the predicate offense. His legal team argued that Singh was not directly involved in the alleged acquisition, possession, concealment, or use of proceeds from the Delhi liquor scam.


The Supreme Court’s decision to grant bail to Sanjay Singh brings relief to the AAP leader and underscores the importance of due process and fair treatment in legal proceedings. As the case continues, questions remain about the intricacies of the excise policy and the alleged financial irregularities. However, for now, Sanjay Singh can breathe a sigh of relief as he steps out of jail after a prolonged legal battle.

Note: The Delhi excise policy case has been closely watched by the public and political circles, and Sanjay Singh’s bail marks a significant development in the ongoing investigation.

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