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Rahul Gandhi Visits Elephant Attack Victims’ Families in Wayanad; BJP Takes a Dig

rahul gandhi

Feb 18, 2024 01:21 PM IST

Wayanad, Kerala: In a poignant visit, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi abruptly halted his ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ in Varanasi and left for Wayanad after public protests over the deaths of residents in wild elephant attacks. The high-range district of Wayanad has been grappling with a man-animal conflict for more than a week.

Today, Rahul Gandhi met with the families of two victims who tragically lost their lives due to elephant attacks. The first victim, Aji (42), was trampled to death by a radio-collared elephant in the Mananthavady area of Wayanad district, sparking massive protests. The second victim, VP Paul, an eco-tourism guide from the forest department, was killed by a wild tusker near Kuruva Island.

BJP Takes a Dig on Rahul Gandhi:

However, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) did not miss the opportunity to take a dig at Rahul Gandhi. Union Minister and BJP leader V Muraleedharan criticized Rahul, labeling him a “tourist in his own constituency.” Muraleedharan pointed out that Rahul visits Wayanad only once every 5-6 months, despite the ongoing man-animal conflict. He emphasized that Rahul should prioritize addressing the pressing issues faced by his constituents, including the lack of basic medical facilities.

The death of forest watcher VP Paul highlights the urgent need for medical assistance in Wayanad. The absence of a medical college in the region exacerbates the situation. Rahul Gandhi’s visit to the victims’ families is commendable, but the BJP insists that he should have done more to ensure essential medical services for his constituents.

In response to the elephant terror incidents, a district-wide hartal was called in Wayanad on Saturday. The ruling LDF, opposition UDF, and BJP united in seeking permanent solutions to the escalating man-animal conflicts. However, the hartal turned violent in Pulpally, with protesters damaging a forest department vehicle and symbolically tying a cow (previously killed in a suspected tiger attack) atop it.

As Wayanad grapples with these challenges, the nation watches closely, hoping for swift and effective measures to safeguard both human lives and wildlife.

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